Language revitalization and cultural education

KPEP Curriculum & Instruction

Our mission is to increase Cherokee language fluency and we provide curriculum and instruction to the EBCI and to regional community partners. We work to ensure quality early childhood and K-6 Cherokee language curriculum, instruction, and materials here at New Kituwah Academy. We provide materials to regional partners in early childhood and K-12 education and we work with our partners to create curriculum, instruction, and materials that fit their needs. We work with university partners to develop digital technologies for Cherokee language education. We develop resources for Cherokee language reading and listening. We create contexts for adult language use through the Cherokee Language Consortium, the Cherokee Speakers’ Gatherings, and the Cherokee Adult Language Learners project. We provide Cherokee language instruction and materials to EBCI communities and departments. We host Facebook and YouTube social media outreach sites to help us distribute Cherokee language instruction and information to the community and the world.

Events Calendar

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Speakers’ Consortium

Cherokee language speakers from the EBCI, the Cherokee Nation, and the United Keetoowah Band come together as the Cherokee Language Speakers’ Consortium. The Speakers’ Consortium meets four times a year to translate academic vocabulary and develop language exercises.  Twice each year, KPEP hosts the Speakers’ Consortium.

Speakers’ Gatherings

On the fourth Thursday of each month, speakers and their friends gather to share the language and dinner.


Bo Lossiah

Curriculum & Instruction Supervisor

Garfield Long

Curriculum & Instruction Coordinator

Hartwell Francis

Academy Curriculum Developer

Kayla Pheasant

Community Mobilization Coordinator

Gabriella Thompson

Electronic Media Coordinator